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Compassion-Related Links


News & Information


A very cool Vegan site with the latest news, interviews, features, and products


News, reviews, commentary, and more! 



Great resource for all things vegan!


An interesting site for veg*ns without children too!


The Internet home of Chef Beverly Lynn Bennett


Lots of great information categories including a message board for vegan kids!


Vegetarian Dating Service and information for Veg Singles


The world's premier vegan magazine! 


Veggie news, recipes, links, and more!


The internet TV station showing play on-demand mini programs 24/7







Subscribe today for their wonderful publication! 





Providing safe havens for farm animals, and waging campaigns against animal exploitation


The Culture and Animals Foundation
Hosts of the annual Compassionate Living Festival


The Essence of True Humanity Is Compassion
Exploring the connection between Animal Rights, Human Rights,
Non-Violence, and Social Justice






Fun, active veg group in Boston's Metrowest area



Producers of the critically acclaimed film 'The Witness'


Veg*n Products

Super-cute selection of Vegan apparel, cosmetics, and more!


Vegan Shopping and Information


Earth Friendly Gifts and Supplies since 1991


Über hip clothing and accessories


Beautiful men's ties and accessories


Fabulous selection of cruelty-free shoes, belts, purses, wallets, and yes... Snooty Jewelry! 


A wide selection of vegan products


Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and Garbage Collection


Formerly "Vegetarian Shoes and Bags"


A fabulous selection all things vegan, including Snooty Jewelry!


THE source for Vegan wares (including Snooty Jewelry!) on the other side of the pond



Kinship Circle Letters For Animals, Articles & Literature
Your information clearinghouse for AR action, news and info


A beautiful new vegan-owned yoga studio conveniently located in Framingham, MA


All the information and tools needed to be a powerful force for peace


Travel & Dining

Delicious food, elegant atmosphere, and great service!



A great source of Veg info including free classifieds!


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