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Gemstone Earrings
(Scroll down, or click for chart of Fun/Casual Earrings)

Sterling Silver

14k Gold-filled

14k Gold

Alexandrite Alexandrite Alexandrite
Amethyst Amethyst Amethyst
Back Onyx Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
Blue Zircon Citrine Garnet
Cubic Zirconia Cubic Zirconia Hematite
Garnet Garnet Lapis
Grape Garnet Green Tourmaline Lavender CZ
Mystic Topaz Iolite Malachite
Simulated Pearl Lapis Simulated Pearl
Pink CZ Simulated Pearl Rhodolite Garnet
Pink Topaz   Ruby
Rose Sapphire   Tanzanite
Smoky Quartz Tigerye
Twilight Topaz

Theme Earrings

Animals Edibles Misc.
Aquatic Fruits Holiday
Dolphins Apples Angels
Frogs Bananas Candy
Penguins Cherries Christmas Trees
Sand Dollars Grapes Holly
Sea Shells Oranges Lights
Starfish Peaches Ornaments
Birds Pears Presents
Doves Persimmons Santas
Hummingbirds Pineapples Snowmen
Penguins Strawberries Sports/Hobbies
Toucans Watermelon Ballet
Insects Veggies Baseball
Bees Carrots Cars
Dragonflies Corn Soccer
Ladybugs Eggplant Symbols
Safari Peas Ankh
Elephants Potatoes Crosses
Giraffes Pumpkins Hearts
Misc. Turnips Horseshoes
Cats Misc. Peace
Dogs Pine Cones Misc.
Horses   Birthstone Kids
  Swarovski Elements Celestial
Affirmations Butterflies Fairies
Fruits Chandeliers Flip Flops
Ovals 4mm Cubes Goddess'
Shapes 6mm Cubes Hammers
  8mm Cubes Pumps
  Flowers Sandals
  Graphic Cubes VEGAN
  Hearts VEG*N
  Pears Floral
  Cosmic Rings Swarovski Flowers
  Rivolis Sunflowers
  6mm Rounds Misc.
  8mm Rounds  





Eyeglass Chains

Key Chains





Tie Tacks

Toe Rings


Wholesale Portal

Buyers: contact us to obtain a username and password for access

Gift Certificates

$10.00 Snooty JEWELRY Gift Certificate

$15.00 Snooty JEWELRY Gift Certificate

$20.00 Snooty JEWELRY Gift Certificate

$25.00 Snooty JEWELRY Gift Certificate

$50.00 Snooty JEWELRY Gift Certificate

$100.00 Snooty JEWELRY Gift Certificate

A flat shipping & handling fee of $2.00 will be charged for Gift Certificates.

If there is a Snooty JEWELRY Gift Certificate denomination you'd like other than the ones above, just let us know.

Birthstone Chart

Month Gemstone
January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
 April Diamond
May Emerald
June Alexandrite or Pearl
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Blue Sapphire
October Tourmaline or Opal
November Citrine


Blue Zircon or Blue Topaz

Gift Selection Tips

Jewelry is a great gift to give and receive.  If you're having trouble narrowing down your choices, or are unsure where to even start, here are some things to think about:

  • Does the person wear more gold, or silver?

  • Does the person have pierced ears?

  • If so, do they wear small, dangle, or bold earrings?

  • Does the person wear necklaces and/or bracelets?

  • Does the person have a favorite color?

  • What is the person's birthstone?

  • How much do you want to spend?

If all else fails, consider giving a Snooty JEWELRY Gift Certificate


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A Vegan owned and operated company. No animal products are used in any of our designs.
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